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International Symposium

'Network of Natural History Museums' as a Tool for Promoting Research, Collection building, Education and Outreach:
Case Studies from Asian Regions

The symposium aims to address the network of research projects and museum activities across Asia. We plan to discuss the different functions that natural history museums perform, including research and collections as well as education and outreach. The museum network undertakes various activities, among them human relations, scientific projects, the building of museum collections, outreach activities, and educational services. During the symposium, we will present the future development of museum networks and discuss both the activities and functions of museums within the networks. Alongside the symposium, we will have poster presentations at Kyoto University main campus in order to encourage discussion and the exchange of knowledge about museum networks among symposium participants from all over the world.


The Symposium will be held on the 4th of September 2019 at Inamori Auditorium of Shiran Kaikan, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto. The official language is English.

The official language is English.

Poster presentations:

4th and 5th of September 2019 at the Kyoto University Museum, Kyoto.

Participation in the symposium and poster session are free of charge and registration is not required.

The symposium and poster presentations are both jointly organized by the Union of Japanese Societies for Natural History and the Kyoto University Museum, Kyoto University.

We plan to hold this symposium to mark the launching of a new network among Asian museums of natural history on the occasion of the ICOM Kyoto Congress. We encourage many scientists, curators and officials of museums from foreign countries as well as Japan, who are participating in the Congress, to join our symposium. It will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss museum network activities and make good personal and institutional connections that will help to promote the further construction of networks among natural history museums in Asia and also on a global scale.



  • Paleontology in Asian countries: toward a broader collaboration of paleontological science
  • Vertebrate zoological collection of the Vietnam National Museum System and Asian research network
  • Floristic Inventory in Myanmar: Special Attention to the Flora of Myanmar
  • Floristic inventory in Southeast Asia and the role of the herbarium
  • Development of myrmecology in tropical Asia and network of ant researchers


Supporters' organizations:

Natural History Museum Network of Western Japan,
The Museological Society of Japan

Guideline for Poster Presentation

The purpose of this poster session is to promote scientific interactions among participants. Anyone who are involved in museum- and/or natural history-studies are encouraged to present your research. Participants are highly encouraged to present your posters within the theme of symposium, i.e., ‘Network of Natural History Museums' as a Tool for Promoting Research, Collection Building, Education and Outreach. However, any topics of natural history studies are widely accepted.

Abstract Submission: Please submit your abstract for poster presentation through webpage (https://forms.gle/ydRTbTURDdmHTjxi7) from June 10, 2019. Abstract should be prepared in plain English with maximum of 200 words.

Deadline: August 10, 2019. Note: We only accept a total of 40 abstracts. We highly encourage all participants to submit abstract as soon as possible.

Schedule for Poster Presentation: from 2pm, September 4, 2019 to 4pm, September 5, 2019. Note: Posters can be posted from 11am, September 4. Please display your posters by 2pm, September 4, and remove them by 4:30pm, September 5.

Venue: The Kyoto University Museum, 1st floor Entrance Hall

Registration: Free of charge for all participants, but participants for poster presentation need to submit abstracts through webpage (https://forms.gle/ydRTbTURDdmHTjxi7) by August 10, 2019.

Official Language: English.

Poster Size: Poster must fit within 120cm (height) x 85cm (width). Pins for posting posters are prepared at the venue.

Accommodation: The symposium organizer will NOT arrange accommodation. Please book your hotels well in advance because hotels in Kyoto area are expected to become full very quickly. If no hotels are available in Kyoto, we recommend hotels in nearby cities, e.g., Otsu, Takatsuki, Osaka, Kusatsu. It takes about 10-30 minutes from all those cities to Kyoto station by train.

Access to Venue: Please refer to the information below: